The BVTU is a union of professionals representing approximately 180 public school teachers in the Bulkley Valley.

As per our updated constitution in 2022, the BVTUs current objectives are:

a) To represent its members and to regulate relations with their employer through: 1. collective bargaining of terms and conditions of employment, and 2. enforcement of the current collective agreement

b) To raise the status and promote the welfare of the teaching profession in School District # 54 (Bulkley Valley).

c) To promote the cause of education in the public schools of School District # 54 (Bulkley Valley).

d) To promote the recruiting of teachers in School District #54 (Bulkley Valley) into membership in the British Columbia Teachers' Federation.

e) To carry on such activities as may from time to time be prescribed or approved by the British Columbia Teachers' Federation.

What is a collective agreement (CA)?

In a unionised workplace, employees' terms and conditions of employment are generally set out in a collective agreement. They are negotiated and agreed to by the employer and the union (the parties) during collective bargaining.

From the British Columbia Labour Relations Board

BVTU Structure

The union has a local president (on full release from a teaching contract in the district), an executive committee (volunteers who hold significant positions of importance within the local), and members (the members are the teachers).

There are a wide variety of roles that teachers can play, given time, energy and capacity. Whether it is sitting in a distinct role on the executive committee, helping with the professional development committee, stepping up for either district or school health and safety, or volunteering as a school staff union representative, or seeking out particular training from the BCTF that suits an area of interest for you -- there are many ways that members can help both strengthen the workplace and themselves.


Bulkley Valley Teachers' Union

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