Please see below for some key articles in the Collective Agreement regarding professional development. 





F.21.1    The Board and the BVTU agree that the professional development of teachers covered by this clause shall include programs, services, courses and funding which will promote and foster teacher professional growth and development.

F.21.2    The Board shall establish a fund which, together with funds provided by the BVTU shall be used for the purpose of promoting the professional development of teachers in the school district.

F.21.3    The Board's share will be $240 per FTE. 

F.21.4    The Board shall contribute one hundred (100) days Teacher-Teaching-On-Call time to assist with professional development, and any Teacher-Teaching-On-Call requirements beyond one hundred (100) days shall be borne by the BVTU or be a charge against the shared fund.

F.21.5    The professional development fund and policies shall be controlled and administered by the professional development committee.

a.           The financial accounts shall be open for review by the Board and the BVTU at any time.

b.           The professional development committee shall present an accounting of the disbursements from the fund to the Secretary Treasurer on October 7 and January 16 each year for the preceding period.

c.           The closing balance shall be forwarded from one fiscal year to the next.

F.21.6    The professional development committee shall be chaired by the BVTU's professional development chairperson and shall comprise:

a.           one teacher elected representative from each school,

b.           one Principal/Vice-Principal, and

c.           the professional development chairperson and co-chairperson of the BVTU.

d.           the Board of Education shall be invited to have a trustee as a representative on the committee.

F.21.7    The Board and the BVTU shall share on a 50/50 basis the cost of up to twenty (20) teacher teaching on call days for providing release time for the professional development chairperson.

F.21.8    The professional development fund will not be required to finance curriculum implementation nor educational change in the district. This does not preclude a teacher's accessing the fund for a personally initiated in-service relevant to the above.


F.22.1    The number of Professional Development days shall be determined by this Agreement. The dates will be determined annually by June 15th for the following year by the Board and the Pro-D Committee.

F.22.2    All of the Professional Development days shall be used for the purpose of teacher professional development with the possible exception of one day which may be used for a purpose determined by the majority of the staff in a school.

F.22.3    Professional Development days shall be considered as instructional days for salary purposes.

F.22.4    The professional activities developed for Professional Development days shall be organized by either:

a.           the school staff or where appropriate the School Professional Development Committee in collaboration with the Principal.

b.           the district Professional Development Committee, or

c.           the Board in conjunction with the BVTU.

F.22.5    A teacher who has identified an alternate Professional Development activity more relevant to her/his own needs will identify that activity to her/his Principal/Vice-Principal and will normally be allowed to attend.


F.25.1    Teachers shall, within the bounds of the prescribed curriculum, and consistent with effective educational practice, have individual professional autonomy in determining the methods of instruction, and the planning and presentation of course materials in the classes of pupils to whom they are assigned.

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