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Worker's Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employer (6A)

The 6A is used if a teacher gets injured (physically or psychologically) at work.  Fill out the 6A right away and give to admin (there is a 48 hour window to report). Make three copies: one to admin, you keep one, one goes to your local union office. THIS FORM IS ONLY FOR THE EMPLOYER TO TRACK INJURIES AT JOB SITES. If you think you may need time off due to the injury (either physical or psychological - then you need to fill out the next form, the Form 6).

Application for Compensation and Report of Injury or Occupational Disease (Form 6)

The 6 is used and is a report to WorkSafe BC. If you are injured at work and you think you are okay but aren't sure - fill it out...EVEN IF YOU DON'T IMMEDIATELY NEED TIME OFF. For a variety of injuries, symptom onset time varies. Filling out this form AS WELL ensures that if you become symptomatic a few days or even a few months down the road (i.e. in the case of a large trauma incident), you have put a process in place whereby you can gain compensation for time needed to address symptoms and become well. As with the 6A: there is a short timeframe in which reports will be accepted -- 48 hours. So report right away. This link will take you to the webpage with the information listed that you will need and the number to call. 

SD 54 Workplace Violent Incident form (WVIR)

This is internal to the district and has nothing to do with WorkSafe BC.

Filling out WorkSafe BC forms is the law, and reporting them is the law.  

Please also see this early Dec 2023 H & S mailout to all teachers. 

Go inside the link for the  ************* 2023 BCTF Health and Safety Handbook

There are a variety of health and safety SURTs and release time is available! The local president will be reaching out to staff reps and health and safety reps re training opportunities for this year. 

Of possible use: this toolkit (a joint venture between BCTF, CUPE, BCPSEA, and other high-level educational stakeholders) for some resources that staff can advocate for the constant use of, in addition to the aforementioned resources. 

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