Collective Agreement (CA)

The Union (Bulkley Valley Teachers' Union and the BC Teachers' Federation) have collectively bargained the following Agreement with the Employer (School District 54 and the BC Public School Employers' Association).

It is important to note that the provisions set out in the CA have been bargained over the decades in good faith by both parties with the intention that both parties, in good faith, adhere to these provisions. 

The bargaining process, both local and provincial bargaining, is extensive and time consuming. Once all four parties have completed bargaining, a final version of the Collective Agreement is produced. Again, this takes a surprising amount of time as all parties work towards accuracy. 

At times, articles in the CA are agreed on by both parties: at times, there is a difference in opinion as to what the articles mean. Grievances are the agreed-upon process whereby clarity is achieved and decisions are made when there are differing interpretations.


See this backgrounder on grievances from the Canadian Labour Congress.


Provincial Collective Agreement (2022 - 2025)

BVTU - SD54 Collective Agreement (2019 - 2022)

BVTU - SD54 Collective Agreement 2013-2019

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