This resource may be of interest: it is a good overview!

The Practice of Teaching: A handbook for new teachers and TTOCs

Collective agreement language of note for TTOCs:

TTOCs can be on district committees / TTOCs can join district benefit plans (for a fee) 

170 full-time TTOC days equals 1 year of experience

TTOCs can get release time from the unon to work on union business

There is very specific language in our collective agreement regarding timelines for transferring TTOC days to their accruing experience bank. See page 129, Letter of Understanding No. 11, of our local collective agreement.

TTOCs and Sick Days: The Employment Standards Act changed post-Covid and TTOCs are entitled to five sick days. Currently in our district, those days can ONLY be used if you have an already-booked day, i.e. if you accept work, and then cannot work on the day you accepted work due to illness.  If the opposite situation applies, i.e. if you are sick and therefore cannot accept a day, there is no provision for you to use your five days at this time. There is a provincial grievance on this matter currently.

If you are on your 21st day in the same assignment, then you gain access to sick days as per G.22, Teacher Illness.

TTOCs and Professional Development Days: According to the collective agreement, TTOCs would be paid for attendance on a professional development day IF/WHEN they are in their 21st day of working in the same assignment, and the professional development day falls on a regular workday for the assignment they are in. However, if a TTOC is interested in attending a professional day and the above situation does not apply, the district may pay you. Contact Bobbie Kingsmill at the board office. 

According to our collective agreement, a morning callout is .60 / day's wage and .40 for the afternoon.

TTOC Atrieve Docs:

SD54 TTOC Quick reference guide

Atreve ERP Replacement Employee Instructions

Want to make sure your work in the district is reflected on both the salary grid and the seniority list?

You need to understand the the difference between TTOC EXPERIENCE CREDIT and CONTRACT EXPERIENCE CREDIT. 

Read this handy dandy guide for a primer. 

If you have any pressing matters, don't hesitate to reach out to your staff rep or you local president. 

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